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Collaborative Project

Small or medium-scaled focused research Project


Optimisation and upscaling of self-cleaning surfaces for automotive sector by combining tailored nanostructured machined injection tools and functional thermoplastic nanocompounds

Grant Agreement number 229100


This project is supported by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. Theme 4.Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies– NMP.
Progress in nanotechnology benefits achieving new functions and features for numerous new products and applications through the knowledge-based tailored properties. However, despite these special features, there are many challenges to transfer real applications into our daily life.

NANOCLEAN is a European framework project that seeks to demonstrate the upscalingof tailor-made nanostructured based self-cleaning feature on plastic components through cross disciplinary approach. In particular, the proposed technology is based on stable and durable so-called lotus-effect from both chemical and physical methods such as nano/micromachining-templation technologies and nanomodified materials.

Therefore, the project will evaluate and assess the large scale production of advanced nanostructured plastic components for automotive sector, with controlled wettability properties, by combining the application ofspecific nano-microstructured surface through enhanced energy femtosecond laser pulse, specialty formulated and modified polymers and industrially implanted injection moulding technology.

Furthermore, due to versatility of proposed process, an effort will additionally be carry out to promote this technology of controlling the wetting properties of large volume market plastic products for application to very many different systems where liquid and solid phase are in contact (consumer products, medical products, microfluidic, electric/electronic appliances…...).

Dr. Mrs Monica Solay, Chrome Plating Laboratory Responsible at Maier S. Coop. has been appointed to head the Nanoclean research project.